Our Approach

It is crucial for me as an artist to capture these events on camera. Incorporating my photography and passion for documentary style film means a lot to me. I’d like to keep it simple, chat with people who share the same experience, and take this opportunity to lend a helping hand to anyone struggling with mental illness. My aim is to spread the word with positive mental attitude and reach as many people possible who might be on the edge. I’m here to shine the light. That is all. Being on the other side today is a blessing.

Our Story

This is the official web page for my (Katelin Toth’s) Non Profit organization. This organization isn’t just for suicide awareness. It is for us humans who are still healing from our loved ones we have lost to suicide.

Meet the Team

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization founded by Katelin Toth, comprised of people who care and want to help contribute positive change and growth.

Katelin Toth

C.E.O. & Founder



“It’ll be better tomorrow.”
– Hubert Selby Jr.


Brittany Mercer

Volunteer – COO and Digital Media Director



Hi, I’m Brittany. I’m a caregiver living with Schizoaffective disorder. Days and nights can sometimes be really tough. Since reconnecting with Kate, my best friend of 13 years, I’ve become a proud COO of Crossing Over. I seek my solace in crafting. Every hand made item, I’ve played a part in making, touches my heart knowing that I’ve made someone happy and have mad a difference.

“I wish you a kinder sea” – Emily Dickinson

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