My name is Katelin Toth and I am a suicide survivor.

Never giving up is on my side; This was not clear to me until I was a suicide survivor myself. I would like to be remembered as the woman who always got back up when life knocked me down. When I made the decision to keep fighting, living in misery was no longer an option. I have a choice now; To help others struggling to keep fighting. There are ways to cope, to prevent, to stay here on earth even in the darkest hours.

I wanted more than anything to let go, to face my demons, to stop feeling angry about grief and loss. It is easier said than done and is a daily fight I chose not to give up on. Within the hope of helping others, the creation of Crossing Over INC has shown me the power of identification, putting a name to my demons, and believing suffering from suicide loss doesn’t have to be a solo journey. In doing so, there was hope for me. And there is hope for you too.

Starting my own organization was a rebirth, a reoccuring spiritual awakening, and a realization that being so close to death brought me back to life; My story is worthy and it is not over yet. What is life for me now? It is still the exact same; a reason to STAY, one day at a time. We are approaching the 7 year anniversary of Crossing Over in August 2023. We could not continue our mission without the support we’ve been given. We would like to thank you and send MaD LoVe and positive vibrations for believing in our organization and supporting this cause.

We have been on a mission to find unique resources for families who are experiencing this grief for the first time and for suicide survivors . We put together grief packages, art saves lives packages, wristbands, and more. We are constantly searching for new creative ways to raise suicide awareness through positivity, art, crafts, outdoor activities, music, community events, sports, film, and more. Suicide Loss Survivors do not have to go through this alone ever again. We can only hope that by continuing this mission, we are helping others through their healing process and by sharing our experience, there will be one less suicide.

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